H. Aaron Strickland

Bio and Resume






            I first started playing the drums in January of 1987 for the church I was attending at that time.  From 1987-1991, I played in a local band called Millennium.  This Christian rock group occasionally performed at the church and the local high school.  I played for the church band and this band until I moved to Valdosta, GA in the Fall of 1991 to attend college at Valdosta State University.


            While at V.S.U., I was a percussionist in the Valdosta State University Blazin’ Brigade marching band for two years.  It was the college experience that introduced me to the club band circuit.  Since then, I have played the drums for a number of South Georgia and North Florida bands, including Tobias, Southern Wind, Whiskey River (The River), Whitewater, Cajun Joe, Article 15, SR6, Clydesdale, and Strawberry Nixon.  These bands performed at clubs, festivals, special events, and opened for a number of national acts.  Since October of 2005, I have been with the Valdosta, GA based group, Sundance Jenkins.  Sundance Jenkins is primarily a cover band that performs a variety of music at a variety of venues and events.  In addition to Sundance Jenkins, I also fill-in for various other bands on occasion.  Since 1987, I have played approximately 1,400 shows, and I am always looking forward to the next one.    

            My career goal is to perform on a much higher level and be a more successful musician.  I am professional, educated, motivated, career oriented, and extremely driven.  In addition to drumming for former bands, in many of them I also served as the booking agent, lighting designer/technician/operator, manager, merchandise manager, and public relations manager.  I figure that I can either make it or die trying.





Education        Valdosta State University

                        Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree

Influences        Todd Sucherman (Styx), Dean Castronovo (Journey), Jeff Plate (Trans-Siberian Orchestra), John O.Reilly (Trans-                       Siberian Orchestra), Neil Peart (Rush), Pat McDonald (Charlie Daniels Band)

Endorsements  DMR Drums (also DMR Custom Drums)

Experience      Began playing the drums in January of 1987.

                       Performed with a number of cover/original regional bands, playing a variety of New Rock, Classic Rock, Southern 
                       Rock,  80's/Party Rock, New Country, and Classic Country in six states, including Georgia, Florida, Alabama, South 
                       Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee.  For many of these bands, I served not only as the drummer, but also as the 
lighting technician/operator, manager, public relations rep., manager, and booking agent.

Featured performances:


In addition to the performances listed below, I was also in two groups that served as the openers for the band, Naked Beggars (December 16, 2005, October 29, October 28, July 24, and July 10, 2004).  This band featured Eric Brittingham (bass) and Jeff LaBar (guitar) of Cinderella.  I served as their fill-in drummer for the October 28, 2004 date.

May 2019, '17, '14, '12, '10, '08, & '04
Valdosta, GA
Brown Bag Lunch Series Concert

June 22, 2018                                             July 2210, 2017
Valdosta, GA                                            Valdosta, GA
Opener for Kellie Pickler                          Opener for The Lacs

June 10, 2017                                            May 07, 2016
Valdosta, GA                                            Doerun, GA
Opener for Big & Rich                             May Day Festival Concert

August 08, 2015                                        April 10, 2014
Sasser, GA                                                Unadilla, GA
Opener for Bubba Sparxxx                        Angel City Bike Rally Concert
November 09, 2013                                    December 11 & 12, 2011
Alapaha, GA                                               Valdosta, GA
Alapaha Station Celebration Festival        Valdosta Choral Guild Concert
Opener for Confederate Railroad               "Christmas Joy"

May 8 & 9, 2011                                        September 04, 2010 and Sept. 01, '07
Valdosta, GA                                              Lakeland, GA
Valdosta Choral Guild Concert                  Flatlander's Frolic Festival Concert
"Broadway Bound"             

March 2009, '06, '05, and '04                      January 31, 2009                                       

Valdosta, GA                                              Columbus, GA

Azalea Festival Concert                             Opener for Confederate Railroad                   

April 03, 2008                       
                     November 10, 2007                             

Valdosta, GA                                              Alapaha, GA
            Opener for Seven Mary Three                   Alapaha Station Celebration   
                                                                              Festival Concert

November 11, 2006                                   October 14, 2006
            Valdosta, GA                                              Bainbridge, GA
            Alapaha Station Celebration Festival       Bainbridge Bikefest Concert
            Opener for Ricochet
September 23, 2005                                   May 04, 2005 and May 05, 2004

                        Americus, GA                                            Valdosta, GA

                        Opener for The Wrights                             Performed with original Molly Hatchet members
                                                                                          Steve Holland (guitar) and Banner Thomas (bass)

                        September 17, 2004                                   July 02, 2004
                        Knoxville, TN                                            Valdosta, GA
                        Opener for Vanilla Ice                               Opener for Great White

                        May 25, 2004                                             May 21 & 22, 2004
                        Valdosta, GA                                             Cecil, GA
                        Opener for Afroman                                   Bike Days Festival Concert

                        April 23, 2004                                             March 27, 2004
                        Valdosta, GA                                              Valdosta, GA
                        Opener for Andy Griggs                              Opener for Ricochet

February 07, 2004                                       December 31, 2003
                        Valdosta, GA                                               Valdosta, GA
                        Opener for Vanilla Ice                                City New Year's Eve Concert

October 31, 2003                                         August 16, 2003
                        Valdosta, GA                                               Ormond Beach, FL
                        Fall Classic Car &                                       Performed with Dave Hlubek
                        Truck Show Concert                                    (original Molly Hatchet guitarist)

                        July 04, 2003                                               July 03, 2003 & 2002
                        Bainbridge, GA                                           Valdosta, GA
                        City July 4th Concert                                  Spirit of America Concert

March 28 & 29, 2003                                   December 07, 2002
                        Lake Park, GA                                             Valdosta, GA
                        Opener for Ricochet                                    Winterfest Concert

                        September 2002, 2001, and 2000
                 September 30, 2001
                        Berlin, GA                                                    Valdosta, GA
                        Berlin Cotton Festival Concert                    Freedom Festival Concert

 June 21, 2001                                               April 21, 2001
                        Valdosta, GA                                               Valdosta, GA
                        Downtown After Dark Concert                    Opener for REO Speedwagon


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