H. Aaron Strickland

Drum Gear

DRUM/PERCUSSION EQUIPMENT (Primary Kit—Actual Configuration Varies)

--DMR Drums (Endorser):
-24”x18” bass drum (2) (Maple)
-8” x 7” tom (Maple)
-10” x 9” tom (Maple)
-12” x 11” tom (Maple)

-14” x 13” tom (Maple)

-16” x 15” tom (Maple)

-14” x 6 ½” DMR H. Aaron Strickland Signature Series Snare Drum (Maple; Primary)

-13” x 5” DMR Stave Snare Drum (Cocobolo, Purple Heart, and Bubinga; Secondary)

--14” x 6 ½” Ludwig Black Beauty Snare Drum (Bronze; Spare)

--14” x 6 ½” Tama Snare Drum (Steel; Spare)

--Zildjian Cymbals:

-13” A. New Beat Hi Hats

-14” A. New Beat Hi Hats

-10” A. Splash (Brilliant)

-14” K. Mini China (Brilliant)

-17” A. Medium Crash (Brilliant)

-17” A. Custom Fast Crash (Brilliant)

-18” A. Medium Crash (Brilliant)

-9.5" Zil Bel (not pictured)
-18” A. Custom China (Brilliant)

-18” Oriental China Trash (Brilliant)
-18" FX Spiral Trash (not pictured above, but is below; added January 2011)
-16" FX Spiral Trash (not pictured; added September 2012)

-20” A. Ping Ride

--LP Percussion:

-Jam Block (Low Pitch)

-Mounted Tambourine

-Hand Held Tambourine

-Concert Series 32 Bar Chimes


-Various Shakers And Whistles

--dw 9002 Double Bass Pedal

--Pearl H885 Hi Hat Stand

--Pearl, Yamaha, And Tama Cymbal Holders, Hi Hat And Snare Stand

--Gibraltar Rack System

--Roc-N-Soc Lunar Gas Lift Throne With Back

--Pro Mark Neil Peart Signature Drumsticks

--Vic Firth American Custom T1 General Mallets

--Calato Blasticks

--Cappella Rods

--Adjustable 1’-2’ 6’ x 4’ Drum Riser

--1’ 6’ x 8’ Drum Riser

--Shure Microphones (1-PG52, 6-PG56, 2-PG81, 1-SM58), Stands/Clips

Assembling the kit:

First, the rack is assembled and hardware is added.

Next, the drums are mounted.

After the drums, cymbals, mics, accessories, and a few lights are added.

For the finishing touches, a few more lights.

Pictured and listed below is the secondary (spare) kit.

DRUM/PERCUSSION EQUIPMENT (Secondary/Spare Kit—Actual Configuration Varies)

--Tama Drums:
-22”x16” bass drum (2) (Mahogany)
-10” x 9” tom (Mahogany)
-12” x 11” tom (Mahogany)
-13” x 12” tom (Mahogany)

-14” x 13” tom (Mahogany)

-16” x 16” floor tom (Mahogany)
-18" x 16" floor tom (Mahogany)
--Tama Rack System
--Pearl P202TW Double Bass Drum Pedal
--same snares, cymbals, sticks, hardware, percussion, mics, and risers as above

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